Fayetteville & Elizabethtown, NC Total & Partial Joint Replacements

When you rely on Fayetteville Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for joint replacement surgery, you can rest assured you will receive world-class care before, during and after your surgery to facilitate your return to normal activity.

With us, you’ll always be given thoughtful, individualized care and treatment for joint replacements in Fayetteville and Elizabethtown, NC. We’ll work with you to determine if you’re a good candidate for joint replacement. Most patients choose to have a total joint replacement when their joint pain causes difficulty sleeping, limits their ability to participate in daily activities, or prevents them from participating in their hobbies. In cases of very localized arthritis, you may be a candidate for a partial joint replacement.

Read on to learn more about partial and total joint replacements — if you think you may be a candidate for a knee or hip replacement, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Fayetteville-area joint replacement specialists.

Total Hip & Knee Replacement

websize IMG_8695Our patients typically need a hip or knee replacement after joint deterioration due to:

When we perform a knee or hip replacement in Fayetteville or Elizabethtown, we’ll remove the arthritic or damaged joint and replace it with a prosthesis (artificial joint). Thanks to new technologies, we’re able to use minimally-invasive techniques for total hip and knee replacements, which often speeds up recovery. Our goal for total joint replacement is to give our patients an improved quality of life, including pain-free movement and greater independence.

Partial Knee Replacement

In some patients, a partial knee replacement can mitigate pain from arthritis or injury. This surgery involves using a smaller implant inside the knee to replace the damaged part of the knee. Patients who undergo a partial knee replacement typically enjoy a quicker recovery time and normal knee function due to the minimally-invasive nature of the surgery. Our Fayetteville and Elizabethtown joint replacement experts can determine if a partial knee replacement may be beneficial for you.

Fayetteville Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is proud to oferpartial and total joint replacement for patients from Fayetteville, South View, Hope Mills, Gray’s Creek, Elizabethtown and the entire Cape Fear region.