Treating Hip Fractures in Fayetteville, NC

At Fayetteville Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, our orthopedic specialists are well-versed in the treatment of hip fractures. Our primary goal is ensuring each patient receives thoughtful care for complete recovery. By offering individualized treatment based on the injury, our doctors and physical therapists work with Fayetteville and Elizabethtown, NC hip fracture patients to help them heal quickly and restore function.

Hip fractures can occur in the pelvis bones or the femur (thigh bone). Treatment for the fracture depends on the severity of the injury, the condition of the patient, and where the fracture occurs.

Pelvic Fractures

websize IMG_8817Pelvic fractures can have a variety of causes, but common causes include sports injuries, trauma, abrupt muscle contraction, osteoporosis, accidental injury or a fall. Symptoms associated with pelvic fractures can include:

  • Pain and swelling in the groin or hip region that may get worse when moving or walking
  • Abdominal pain/groin pain
  • Bleeding
  • Problems in urination
  • Inability to walk or stand

In addition, pelvic fractures are typically categorized as stable or unstable. Stable fractures have a single breakage point, and the bones remain in position, while unstable pelvic fractures have breakage at two or more points, along with severe bleeding, shock, internal bleeding and damage to the internal organs. Unstable pelvic fractures require immediate medical attention.

Treatment is based on the type of pelvic fracture. Treatment methods range from rest, medication and therapy, to surgical intervention using screws and plates.

Femur Fractures

Femur fractures often have causes similar to those of pelvic fractures, such as falls, motor vehicle accidents, osteoporosis, bone tumors, and more. Symptoms typically include severe pain, swelling and bruising, as well as a visible physical deformity to the leg.

Upon diagnosis of a femur fracture, we’ll work with you to determine the best treatment plan. Typically, treatment will include some combination of:

  • Non-surgical treatment such as immobilization
  • Surgical treatment to realign the bone
  • Internal fixators applied surgically, such as intramedullary nailing, plates and screws, bone grafting, or a knee replacement
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Rely on the Specialists at Fayetteville Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for Hip Fracture Treatment in Fayetteville & Elizabethtown

After a hip fracture, turn to Fayetteville Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for world-class treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a hip evaluation in Fayetteville or Elizabethtown. We’re dedicated to helping you throughout your treatment to maximize your recovery. You may request us by name in the hospital emergency room.

Fayetteville Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is proud to provide diagnosis and treatment of hip fractures and injuries in patients from Fayetteville, South View, Hope Mills, Gray’s Creek, Elizabethtown and the entire Cape Fear region.